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I love you devs.

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1 I love you devs. on Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:02 am


I'd like to say thanks to the hard working people developing Seven G. The bug is my favorite aircraft of ALL time. I grew up around her, and she's sort of my Tomcat for those die-hard F-14 fans who grew up around that bird. I love the atmosphere of Naval aviation, and we're looonngggg over-due for a sim. Please keep up the great work. I must say the project scares me when it starts getting quiet around here.

If I can be of any help to Seven G developers, please say so. I'm no C programmer, but I'm sure myself as well as tons of other people would be willing to pitch in to give you guys a break. Look at Fighter Ops, those guys are not only charging people money to see updated content, but the release of that sim is hopeless, not to mention the price will probably be in the 3 digit range...

So I take my hat off to Seven G for sticking with it, despite the dev/webmaster of the previous site who went FUBAR, and giving us promising betas, and keeping us informed along the way. Really...really great job.

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